Oncology Management Program Fee Schedule

As of July 1, 2011, the Highmark Oncology Management Program builds on evidence-based medical oncology drug treatment protocols as a means of providing the highest quality patient care while simultaneously managing spiraling health care costs.
In order to encourage adoption of and compliance with the protocols, Highmark has developed a two-tiered reimbursement structure, with an Enhanced Program Fee Schedule for practices participating in the Oncology Management Program. A practice qualifies for the enhanced fee schedule by adhering to the program’s oncology treatment protocols for a minimum of 80 percent of cases involving newly diagnosed Commercial patients.

This page offers complete details regarding the base, enhanced, and Medicare Advantage fee schedules. Below you will find a downloadable file with the Highmark Oncology Management Program Fee Schedules. The file contains the following information in this order: Drug Category, Procedure Code, Code Description Base Fee, Enhanced Fee, and Medicare Advantage Fee.

Highmark considers the Highmark Oncology Management Program Fee Schedule to be proprietary information. Highmark provides the Oncology Management Fee Schedule as a convenience and benefit to you and on the condition that you do not disclose this information to anyone other than internal personnel and your billing agents to the extent necessary for them to provide services to you and provided they have agreed to keep the information confidential.

Fees set forth on the Oncology Management Fee Schedule are not a guarantee of specific payment or of any payment and no implication should be made, based upon the existence of a fee for a specific procedure code, that payment will be made for such procedure code. Network rules, member benefits and medical policy will continue to be applied to all claims or encounters submitted.

When the Oncology Management Network Fee Schedule is updated, the files available on this site will also be updated. Please note that Highmark reserves the right to make changes to the Oncology Management Fee Schedule at their sole discretion.

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Last updated on 10/14/2021


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