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Date Posted Message
12/27/13 Notice Regarding Spending Account Claims And EFT Payments Issued From Dec. 14 Through Dec. 18, 2013
12/23/13 2013 Holiday Schedule
12/19/13 Manual Payment Process Updated
12/17/13 Are You Experiencing Difficulty With The EOB And Remittance Inquiry? Read This Navinet Tip Sheet For Helpful Instructions.
12/16/13 Online Payment Information Delayed; Payments Not Impacted
12/12/13 Highmark Navinet System Downtime Scheduled For Dec. 13-14; Simplified Sleep Study Authorization Function To Launch For Professional Providers
12/11/13 Cancellation – Dec.18, 2013, ‘What’S Up Wednesday’ ICD-10 Teleconference
12/09/13 Effective Immediately: Allow 30 Calendar Days Before Submitting Bluecard Secondary Claims
12/05/13 'What's Up Wednesday' ICD-10 Teleconference Scheduled for Dec. 18, 2013
11/21/13 Highmark's Medical Management & Policy (MM&P) Holiday Schedule
11/12/13 Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan Provider Training Now Available
11/08/13 Reminder: Remaining 2013 And January 2014 Holidays
11/05/13 'What's Up Wednesday' ICD-10 Teleconference Scheduled for Nov. 20, 2013
10/28/13 Government Budget Sequestration Update: Highmark Health Services To Adjust Payments Effective 1/1/14 Resulting From Medicare Spending Cuts
10/14/13 Enhancements to the EFT Attestation and Registration Pages
10/14/13 Visit And Bookmark Our New Health Care Reform Site, Specifically For Providers!
10/07/13 Update To Recent Highmark Health Services Navinet Enhancements
10/07/13 Highmark Health Services Downtime Scheduled for October 11-12, 2013
09/30/13 Important: Keep Assignment Account Data Current To Avoid Claim Rejections
09/20/13 Update On Simplified Copay And Visit Information For PT, OT, Speech Therapy And Spinal Manipulation Services
09/19/13 Navinet For Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Downtime Scheduled For Sept. 20-21
09/13/13 Navinet Downtime Scheduled For Sept. 13-14
09/13/13 Now Available On Navinet: Simplified Copay And Visit Information For PT, OT, Speech Therapy And Spinal Manipulation
09/09/13 What's Up Wednesday ICD-10 Teleconference Scheduled for Sept. 18, 2013
09/06/13 Update On Simplified Copays And Visit Counts For PT, OT, Speech Therapy And Spinal Manipulation Therapy Services
08/30/13 Note To Physicians And Home Health Agencies: Reminder: Two Private Duty Nursing Procedure Codes Will Require Authorization Effective September 2, 2013
08/30/13 Simplified Copayments And Visit Counts For Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy And Spinal Manipulation Services, Effective With Dates Of Service 9/1/2013 And Beyond
08/30/13 Important Changes Effective October 11, 2013: Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) And Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Enrollment
08/19/13 How to Participate in 'What's Up Wednesday' Teleconference
08/15/13 ICD-10 Library Page Now Available In The Provider Resource Center
08/14/13 Resolution of Incorrect Claim Rejections from July 24 to Aug. 9
08/14/13 Prepare for ICD-10 with 'What's Up Wednesday'
08/02/13 Notice: Observation Care Reporting Guidelines For Codes (99218-99220 & 99224-99226)
08/02/13 Attention Behavioral Health Practitioners: Cost Sharing Claims Issues Have Been Resolved
07/26/13 Submitting Claims For Services That Are Statutorily Excluded By Medicare For Bluecard® Members
07/25/13 IBC Personal Choice PPO Claims Should Be Filed To Highmark, Effective Nov. 1, 2013
07/22/13 Introducing a New Provider Service Center Unit and Phone Option Available July 22, 2013
07/19/13 Notice Regarding Spending Account Claims and EFT Transactions Issued July 17, 2013
07/18/13 Highmark Limiting Number of Claims in Single 837 Transaction (ST-SE Envelope), Effective 7/13/13
07/17/13 REMINDER: Adding Trusted Sites to Internet Explorer
07/10/13 NaviNet Downtime Scheduled for July 12-13
06/25/13 Attention Physical Medicine Providers: Use of Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) Expanded Beginning July 1, 2013
05/30/13 Reminder: Full Implementation Of Physical Medicine Management Program Begins 6/1/13
05/15/13 Pediatric Critical Care Physicians: Reminder About Reporting Specific Services Included During Patient Transport
05/15/13 NaviNet Downtime Scheduled for May 17-18
05/02/13 Latest Edition of Behind the Shield Now Online -- Read This Issue Now!
04/26/13 Attention Physical Medicine Providers: Highmark Allowing Providers Until 5/31/13 To Complete Treatment Plans Initiated During Physical Medicine Management Program Soft Implementation Period
04/15/13 New Look For Our Plan Central Page
03/21/13 Highmark To Update Its List Of Outpatient Procedures-Services Requiring Authorization
02/12/13 Physical Medicine Management Program News


Date Posted Message
12/23/13 Attn: Doctors Of Chiropractic – Include CMS-Required Coding On Claims For Medicare Advantage Patients
12/23/13 Attn: Doctors Of Osteopathy – Choose Physical/Occupational Therapy Category For Auth Requests Through PMMP
12/20/13 Reminder For DMEPOS Providers Who Dispense Diabetic Supplies
12/17/13 BlueCard PPO Professional Host Network Change, Effective 1/1/14
12/13/13 Medication Request Denials Appeals Process To Follow New Progressive-Level Procedure For Highmark Commercial Members
12/03/13 Navinet Selection Form For Prescription Drug Authorizations Now Updated
11/13/13 Highmark's New Office Orientation Webinar Wednesday, November 20, 2013
11/08/13 Diabetic Supplies, Part B Drugs Now Available At Giant Eagle Pharmacy
11/04/13 Highmark To Update Its List Of Outpatient Procedures/Services Requiring Authorization
11/04/13 Six Procedure Codes To Be Added To Radiology Management Program, Effective Jan. 13, 2014
10/24/13 Update: Medicare Advantage Care Gap Webinar Sessions Will Be Extended
10/24/13 Attention Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists And Speech Pathologists: New G-Codes, Severity Modifiers Required On Outpatient Therapy Claims For Medicare Advantage Patients
10/22/13 Reminder: IBC Personal Choice PPO Claims Should Be Submitted Via Bluecard®, Effective 11/1/13
10/21/13 Last Chance To Take Medicare Advantage Stars Training; Physicians Can Earn $100
10/17/13 Print Preview Function Now Available For Professional Claim Status Inquiry!
10/16/13 Important: (Updated) Keep Assignment Account Data Current To Avoid Claim Rejections
10/10/13 Register Today! Highmark Health Services New Office Orientation Webinar On Thursday, October 17, 2013
10/04/13 Timeline For New 02/12 1500 Claim Form – Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Will Accept On 2/10/14
10/02/13 Attn: Single-Practitioner Offices, Including Doctors Of Chiropractic: Important Information About New Temporary Process For Entering 1500 Claim Submission On Navinet
09/27/13 Attention Quality Blue Pay-for-Performance Participants: Significant Changes Coming April 1, 2014
09/11/13 Hemophilia Clotting Factors Criteria Revised Effective 10/28/2013
09/10/13 Highmark Health Services New Office Orientation Webinar Wednesday,September 18, 2013
08/29/13 Accepting Candidates For CPMC Advisory Subcommittees
08/23/13 Highmark Foundation Hosting Free Childhood Obesity Conference On 9/25/13
08/08/13 New Office Orientation Webinar - August 16, 2013
08/07/13 Correction: Recent Mailing Should Have Stated HCPCS Code 90283 for Bivigam
07/19/13 Quality Blue Participants: If You Received a Meaningful Use Submission Error, Click Here for Update
07/15/13 Ambulance Service Providers: Submitting Fractional vs. Whole Numbers for Mileage on Claims
07/12/13 New Office Orientation Webinar Tuesday, July 16, 2013
07/11/13 Quality Blue Participants: If You Receive A Meaningful Use Submission Error, Click Here
07/02/13 Two Private Duty Nursing Procedure Codes Will Require Authorization, Effective Sept. 2, 2013
07/01/13 New Office Orientation Webinar Monday, July 8, 2013
06/27/13 2013 Global Fee Updates
06/14/13 Reporting Guidelines for Procedure Codes 23130 and 23410
05/31/13 New Office Orientation Webinar to debut on Friday, June 7, 2013. Register Today!
05/17/13 News Regarding Procedure Codes 99487, 99488 & 99489
05/08/13 Quality Blue: Important News For PCP Practices
04/25/13 Attn: Quality Blue Participants -- News About Meaningful Use, Updates To G-Codes And HEDIS Indicators
04/23/13 Nerve Conduction Study Coding Update
04/01/13 Attention Psychiatrists -- Important News Regarding Deductibles and Coinsurance Associated with Visits that Combine Evaluation & Management and Psychotherapy
03/21/13 Attention PCPs -- Starting 05/01/13 Home Health Aide Services Will No Longer Be A Covered Benefit Under Highmark's AIS Program
03/29/13 Reminder to PCPs -- Verify Member Benefits Prior to Conducting Alcohol Screening and Brief Counseling
03/11/13 Attention Medical Imaging Providers -- Important Message Regarding Billing for HCPCS Code A9500
03/11/13 Highmark's Caring Program for Children Available for your Highmark-Enrolled Chip Patients


Date Posted Message
12/19/13 ATTN Home Health Agencies: Post-Acute Assessment Tool Added To Home Care/Hospice Authorization Menu
12/06/13 Attention Home Health Agencies: Requests For Private Duty Nursing For Calendar Year 2014 Will Be Accepted Beginning December 16, 2013
11/26/13 Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) Claims Issue Identified
11/11/13 Attention, Home Health Agencies And Skilled Nursing Facilities: Reporting Requirement For Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS) Codes Delayed
10/31/13 Highmark Health Services To Make Changes To The Outpatient Behavioral Health Fee Schedules
10/23/13 Update On Reporting G-Codes And Severity/Complexity Modifiers For Medicare Advantage Members
10/23/13 Claims Issue Identified Impacting Some Acute-Care Hospital Outpatient Surgery Claims
10/16/13 Announcing the Highmark Health Services Facility Manual
10/01/13 Reminder: Specialist Virtual Visit Benefit Enhancement Effective Jan. 1, 2013
07/17/13 Change to the Highmark Outpatient Fee Schedule for Seven Surgical Procedure Codes, Effective Aug. 1, 2013
07/12/13 Interqual 2013 Criteria To Be Implemented
07/02/13 Note to Home Health Agencies: Two Private Duty Nursing Procedure Codes Will Require Authorization, Effective Sept. 2, 2013
04/01/13 Communication Changes Coming in 2013!
01/23/13 Attention Skilled Nursing Facilities -- Clarification of the Medicare Advantage Skilled Nursing Copayment when Admission Services Span from 2012 through 2013
01/17/13 Clarification of Reimbursement for New Procedure Code 37197
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