Quality Blue Hospital Program

Highmark's mission is to provide access to affordable, quality healthcare and enable individuals to live longer, healthier lives. Participants in the Quality Blue Hospital Pay for Value Program partner with Highmark to advance this mission at the point of patient care, throughout the facility and in the community at large.

The Highmark Quality Blue Hospital Pay for Value Program affords Highmark an opportunity to partner with network hospitals toward the common goal of improving patient care and safety. The program aligns with nationally recognized guidelines and incorporates industry standards and evidence-based care. The Quality Blue Hospital program focuses on key public health issues and quality indicators that have been identified nationally as areas for improvement.

Additional information regarding the Quality Blue Hospital Program can be obtained by reviewing Chapter 5 of the Highmark Provider Manual.

Program participants should log in to NaviNet and select the Quality Blue link to view program documentation and receive program updates.

Last updated on 11/18/2022 3:42:30 PM


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